Interested in completing Pre-Engineer Program at the Vayu Aero Educational and Research department. Please read the following program requirements carefully in order to plan your coursework and ensure you meet all admission requirements. For more information, Contact, Pre-Engineer Program Manager, through or

Who are Engineers?

An engineer is a person who has a good grasp of fundamental physical and chemical principals and mathematics that they apply to design, develop, test, and produce products and services.  In short Engineers are problem solvers that consider efficiency, cost, reliability, and safety when conducting their work.  Creativity is a skill that is important in a competitive world, and the ability to generate ideas is as important as the ability to do real detailed calculations. What you do as an engineer affects other people, therefore, it is essential for engineers to develop good communication skills. People live and work in the buildings designed by engineers, they drive on the freeways, and they use appliances, computers, phones, and an endless list of other devices.  An engineer can design the best coating for an electronics chip, but if they cannot communicate their ideas verbally, in writing, and through calculations it will be difficult to see the idea realized.

About the course

  • To develop an understating of what mechanical (aero/mech/auto/material) engineers do
  • To learn about the different field of job opportunities in mechanical engineering.
  • To understand the variety of function an engineer may perform.
  • To examine how math’s and science principles naturally connect to mechanical engineering.
  • To learn the value of working independently and as a member of a learn to achieve and engineering goal.
  • To learn technical principles and skill such as designing, drafting, optimization of various product and test equipment’s.
  • This course will require the student to integrate information, solve problems and engage in authentic inquiry to achieve these ends.

Who should take pre-Engineer Course?

The program suits for the person those who completed or perusing their bachelor degree in the flowing disciplines can apply for this course.

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Automobile Engineering
  • Material Science Engineering

Course Schedule?

Duration: – 60 working days

Location:- Hosur Campus

The course is based on-project training. The course has two phases. The course will give awareness to the engineering students those who completed their degree, to be prepared for the industry requirement to the get the industrial exposure. Our course has two phases,

Coursework Phase – I We will provide fundamentals of the subjects related to the interview industry requirement.

Coursework Phase – II We will train you in your area of interest based on the work progressing in the industry, we will assess all your skills in between for making more productivity and skilled engineer.

As a student in engineering, technical or management studies, have you thought about doing your thesis work in a company?

          The ongoing research and development at Vayu Aero offers various interesting tasks for ambitious and solution-orientated students coming from multiple disciplines to bridge the gap between theory and practice early in your student career. It’s not only a question of being able to compete for qualified positions, it’s also a matter of advancing your personal development. While involved in a company, you work on your final year project and concrete problem-solving in your field of specialization, thereby increasing your technical, methodological and social skills. Take advantage of this opportunity and make initial contact with our company.

We will undertake thesis fabrication support under the following areas.

  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • CNC machining
  • CNC Laser cutting, Water Jet cutting
  • Wind tunnel model fabrication.
  • Strain gauge bonding
  • Circuit board design
  • Composite fabrication ( Hand layup, vacuum bagging and resin infusion method)
  • Quadcopter integration
  • Composite panel testing

For more information, Contact, Pre-Engineer Program Manager, through or

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